With the opening the exhibition just days away, we will take this time to introduce each of the exhibiting artists. They will get this opportunity to present a piece and tell us a bit about themselves without giving away too much before the big opening. The first artist we will meet is Mpho Cele, an art student from Johannesburg.

Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

Acrylic on Canvas, 2012

He Describes his work:

This body of work is a metaphorical representation of my feelings, of the hurt and damage that is within me caused by the dilemma of having to choose between my biological paternal Grandfather’s surname and my step Grandfather’s surname. This is not an easy decision to make since my step Grandfather’s surname has become part of my identity because I grew up with this surname. In my work I use cars as a reference, because my biological Grandfather worships and adores his material possessions, more than he does family values. I portray these cars as old, damaged and rusted representing him. I consider him to be the cause behind me using a different surname than his as he abandoned our family causing us to take on another surname. This body of work is meant to emphasize a sense of things falling apart, through the decay and damage on the metal surfaces and overall structure of the cars, being symbolic of the destruction and the abandonment felt by his absence.

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