The final artist we will meet in our “Meet the Artist” feature for the upcoming Group Exhibition is Mfundo Mkhize. He is inspired by the older women in, the Gogo’s of our society who perpetually overcome hardship and create a nurturing environment in which the youth can blossom.


“In my experience, it is them that make sure that there is a plate of food on the table. The strength and leadership that they demostrate can be seen in the urban environment, the rural hinterlands and the neglected urban townships.

The art works focus on the lives of these women and are a tribute to the indispensible role they play in society. Being born and raised in Soweto, I wanted to draw from my environment and the experience I had with the women that raised me. These pieces are my attempt to illuminate their untold struggles to raise generation after generation in our communities, independently.”

The exhibition runs from the 20th of March till the 20th of April 2013 at Nex Dor on Vilakazi Street Orlando West, Soweto.


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