First Group Exhibition hosted by Mashumi Art Projects


 Andrew Ntshabele’s work on display at the MAP exhibition on Vilakazi Street. Photo: Phakamisa Mfana.
We were recently invited to something that rarely happens in the bustling township of Soweto.  An art exhibition, yes you heard right an art exhibition, the setting was something out of a Tarantino set. A beautiful new elegant restaurant on Vilakazi Street aptly named Nex Dor because it is next door to the now world famous Sakhumzi restaurant.
We ditched the flashlights, pulled out some of our best threads and made our way to the First Group Exhibition hosted Mashumi Art Projects (MAP).  As most are aware art is not exactly a booming business in Soweto, more and more kids are failing to show interest in art. “This project aims to expose and educate the community about the importance of art” said Zanele Mashumi Director of the young company that promotes and exposes upcoming and established artists to the world stage. The exhibition is a first of many to come and it can only grow bigger and better, this particular exhibition will run from the 20th of March till the 20 of April 2013. The exhibition features some of the best talents the country has to offer. During this month their work will be viewed by most of the patrons passing through Vilakzi Street and those stopping by to grab a quick bite at the restaurant. The exposure will be immense, the works will be up for sale and knowing how talented South African artists are, there can only be a positive response. Not only that but to introduce more and more young people into art. “This will be the first of many exhibitions, as we are trying to expose as many people as we can to the world of art.” Mashumi added.
So good to see such a diverse crowd at these shindigs, from BEE types to the usual arty farty. We hope more and more events like this will pop up all over the township, let us diversify Soweto, Thanks to Zanele Mashumi for the invite, we hope to crack more invites to such classy events.
written by Phakamisa Mfana

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