After collecting our new lens, we were so excited we couldn’t wait to test it. This is the very 1st photo shot using using the 50mm.
Taken by: MrsVice Nene

I am Simphiwe Madlokovu Nene, an activist and multi engaging artist from composing music, photography, street artist, DJ and designer. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember; started off sketching and messing around with paint. My work is more or less based on a metaphorical views.

As an artist I keep growing each day so I keep looking forward to a new day and it’s challenges.

In this modern day of gadgets I’m more likely to take advantage of a camera phone as it is easy to reach in instant moments. It doesn’t matter what tool you’re using, just get the work done. Then in more planned shots I use my Nikon D3100, but what’s more important is getting the message out there.

I believe as an artist you owe it to the universe to keep passing knowledge.

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