Artist feature- GONTSE MORE

Artist feature- GONTSE MORE


Living VS Being Alive

So many people go on with their daily lives, moving along in the same routine, living in a constant circular motion, waking up in the morning, going to school, going to work, then waiting for the bell to ring or the clock to strike five at the end of the day. This is all so that they can go home, sleep and do exactly the same thing the next morning.
I want to be able to capture moments when people get to see the art in their lives, in their interactions and how the light falls on them and their surroundings. I wish to show that if people could just stop and notice the world around them, they could see the art in their daily lives and appreciate it.

My angle is to show the everyday life in an artistic conceptual light looking at regular or common knowledge with a different visual aspect discovered in each image. I want to explore people and what they contribute to the world of art without their knowing it. So I will follow or shadow three people for a period of time. I plan not to know who they are and hope to meet them in very normal spaces, possibly in a taxi or bus on their way to or from their workplace or home. I would especially focus on mothers with their children who endure the everyday hardships and challenges of modern urban life.

This is a social documentary project shot in colour. I plan on making the images visually appealing with the use of highly saturated colour.
I want the project to be as authentic as possible. I believe that living like this keeps a person trapped and rather distant from the beauty of the world.

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