Artist feature-LUNGILE ZAPHI

Artist feature-LUNGILE ZAPHI

Kwa B.A.’s Tavern

I have always wanted to photograph around my neibourhood as to document daily realities of my surroundings. One Saturday evening I decided to take a walk and photograph, perhaps environmental portraits around local Spaza shops. On my way to one of the shops I met an old friend Thami who then introduced me to the Tavern known as Kwa B.A. just to view the spot. Then that’s how I developed my project known as Kwa B.A

On the developmental process of my career as a photographer I realized that I’m not just a photographer who photographs to pay the bills but I’m a photographer who listens to photography when it’s a calling. The tavern’s atmosphere made me to discover so much about my environment, the structuralism, functionalism and behaviorism of my people and the causes and effects of our social life in the townships. While on that point of view I realized how politics, post apartheid has influenced us in so many ways that we keep on building and stretching the same chain to the next generations to come. We are the products of the system and its our responsibility to break this chain.

However, I had a wholesome experience photographing the space and developed a strong bond to the space as I discover more about myself, my environment and my people.

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