Paballo Kumalo


Paballo MrsVice Kumalo, an activist through art. She is greatly influenced by the sheer loving, curious, enthusiastic nature of children. Always asking questions and eager to learn. But most of all she admires the fearlessness of these beings. “I choose photography,most times, as my medium for sharing, addressing issues in Hope of helping everyone understand that less is more and the huge impact our ignorance has on young minds”.

Paballo photography focuses on the fact that, too often children dwindle under pressure from parents to behave a certain way, dress a certain way and even speak a certain way. They are not given room to grow and explore their true selves. They’re limited to boxes that allow very little freedom and taught specific patterns. Too often they are told that their reality is imagination.
She states: ”I am that child, a child who is in constant battle with what I think is right and what I was taught”.
“Through my work I ask Why is it so hard to let the children be”?

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