Artist Feature: Kgalalelo Gaitate

Kgali is a selftaught fine artist of 22, who has an incredible eye for detail. She specializes in portraiture though a lot of her subject matter is African traditional dress.”My art is decorative and easy on the eye”, she says.

“From the very tender age of three, my parents and creche teachers noticed my God given gift and encouraged me to nurture it. I would learn from observing tv cartoons, colouring books, illustrated story books, magazines and actual people. As early as grade 5, I started drawing in pen, and found it to be more striking than pencil. Till this day it is my prefered medium, though I also really enjoy working with oil pastels.


For three years I honed my gift at the National School of the arts, where I was exposed to various media, ie: watercolor, gouache, oil paint, etching and marbling.

I used to market my work on saturdays at Melrose Arch and look forward to working with this team!”

We are happy to have you showing with us again Kgali!

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