Artist Feature: Lerato Motau

We are pleased to bring you more of Lerato’s work as this is her second consecutive feature in a MAP Exhibition this year.

Here’s what she has to say about her which will featured in the upcoming exhibition The Heritage Exhibition,

While some of the works are monotone, using different shades of one colour, others are quite florescent. I love the brightness of these luminous tones, where I refer to them as “mashangane colours”. Associations of bright colours as well as embroidery are related to Shangaan people, which is inherent in my own ancestory.


Because the universe is not flat, my approach is to first paint onto the canvas. I prefer working from dark to light. After painting, then I begin embroidering and stitching shapes onto the canvas. This layering creates the desired aesthetic finish for me. I enjoy the relief and almost three dimensional effect of layering the canvas with fabric and stitching, which I would like to physically push even further to more protruding three dimensional forms.

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