Artist Feature: Roli Mhlanga


An artist at heart and a painter a by profession. Painting is the labor of love I would like to believe. Texture, color, light and composition are my tools that are allow me to share my inner most feelings and understanding of the subject matter. A brush and the palette are merely instruments that move according to my will.
The tools I’m referring to, come to play when I observe, in detail the subject before me. Light, sets the tone, Texture sets the mood, Composition sets the atmosphere and the use of Color sets the aesthetic.
My work will then take a discourse determined by the theme or subjected to editions depending on a medium of my choice i.e. printmaking. I believe in versatility and being dynamic. My motto is “one never stops learning, and once you stop learning you stop growing.

2013-10-11 11.04.19


Serving on the board of directors at Funda Community College since 2008 to date.
Took part in a group exhibition at the annual Joburg Art Fair, in 2008, in a developmental space sponsored by Siemens.
2nd Runner-up in the Siemens television competition of 2008, the art piece is currently on permanent display at Siemens’ Stadium House offices, London UK.
A participant in the Siemens SA calendar project of 2009.
Participant in a collaborative project ‘Cardboard Monument’, a public art initiative with artist, Lauren Alexander and Funda Community College. See  , for more details
Celebrating African Art – Expression without Borders at the Soweto hotel, which was my 2nd showcase in a group project as a professional.
“Black Like Us” competition participant was my third consecutive group exhibition.
Artist in Residence with Room13 international (locally based in Soweto) since 2009-till present.
“Expression Without Borders” participant in my fourth collaborative exhibition in Zutphen, The Netherlands, in April 2012. See , for more details
Residency with Izarte Gallery in the Netherlands, in October 2012.
Co-Director of Mashumi Art Projects (Pty) Ltd based at Nex Dor restaurant , in Orlando West, Soweto.
Shows curated:

Mashumi Art Projects group exhibition at Nex Dor restaurant, from the 25 March until 20 April 2013.

‘Kenny Nkosi’s Solo Exhibition’ 25 April- 31 May 2013.

‘Photography meets Fine Art Exhibition’ 20 June-20 July 2013.

‘Pink Art exhibition’ 15August-28 September
Mashumi Art Projects solo exhibition by Kenny Nkosi at Nex Dor restaurant, from the 25 April until 31 May 2013.
See for more details.
Collaborated with Artist Proof Studio artists and guest Artist/Poet Frieda Groffy ‘UBUNTU EXHIBITION’ opened 13 April until 27 April 2013.

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