Pat Mautloa



Born in Ventersdorp in 1952, Kagiso Pat Mautloa studied art at Jubilee Art Centre in 1969 and at Johannesburg’s Mofolo Art Centre in 1970. He obtained a Fine Art Diploma from ELC Art Centre, Rorke’s Drift in Natal in 1979. Mautloa worked in the Graphic Design Studio of the SABC from 1981-1992, before becoming a full-time artist in 1992. With David Koloane, Bill Ainslie and other South African artists, he was involved in the formation of the Thupelo Workshops in 1985 which are part of the international Triangle Network. He taught at FUBA(Federated Union of Black Artists) from the early 1980s and was instrumental in the Thupelo Gallery there. He lives and works in Johannesburg, and is currently based at the Fordsburg Artist’s Studios, popularly known as The Bag Factory.



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