Untitled performance piece by Megan Mace and Bogosi Sekhukhuni

Megan Mace and Bogosi Sekhukhune

Untitled Performance piece for the Imagination Room synopsis

By Megan Mace and Bogosi Sekhukhuni (performed at the launch night of the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Room)

We were using the cans of Lucky Star tinned fish, as the main facilitator for guiding the piece. Both of us were sitting within a plastic blow up pool which will be filled with the tinned fish. Along with this there is a sound system (maybe a hi-fi), playing a selection of
popular/commercial South African house songs. Bogosi or myself(Megan) will then take turns to get out of the pool and change the track whilst the other eats some of the fish. The other will then return into the pool to drink a glass of champagne.lucky star pilchards

This piece creates a dialogue between an iconic brand (Lucky Star) with a broad history (of socio-politics) in relation to looking at it in the contemporary, in terms of the commoditisation of the brand within South Africa’s popular youth culture. Lucky Star’s commodification as art object also brings with it, this loss of its authentic value, to a different and new market. Playing the house music ,not only acts the pace maker for the performance, but stands as a narrating device for making this commentary on popular South African culture but also speaks towards the context in which/where Lucky  Star is eaten and by whom.

“Remember Andy Warhol’s iconic Campbell’s Soup print edition?! Think of that in the South African context.”-Roli


Bogosi Sekhukhune and Megan Mace

Megan Mace and Bogosi Sekhukhune


It should be noted that, in addition to this synopsis, the piece also conjured up thoughts of businessman and sushi king Kenny Kunene.


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