Loyiso Mkize’s comic book makes it’s debut.

Ever wonder what a local comic book superhero would look like? What sort of mischief he’d get upto after discovering his new talents… The villains, sidekicks and not forgetting the damsels who’s acquaintance he makes along the way to becoming a well known hero. Oh, what awesome super powers he’ll have? …well don’t look any further!

Kwezi’s just landed and he means business.

Loyiso Mkize, a Cape Town based artist and co illustrator of the hip SUPA STRIKAS comic book and animation series on DSTV’S Disney Channel, launches his independent project under the ‘LOYISOMKIZEART’  flagship. At a previous design share party, Loyiso described KWEZI as the manifestation of a life long dream to create a simple enough character to identify with every African on the continent.


“Set on a contemporary South African backdrop, Kwezi a 19 year old boy that discovers he has superpowers, and so the journey towards his purpose begins…” An exciting intro into our own new local comic book superhero.

online launch
online launch

Loyiso Mkize was born in 1987 in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape but studied in Cape Town where he completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at CPUT. Loyiso exhibited his body of work from “REFLECTIONS ETERNAL” at the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Room in Rockville, Soweto last November, a show curated by Mashumi Art Projects and more recently at a New York showcase with several other talented South African artists.

Tonight his first independent comic book officially launches online. The first issue will be downloadable for free. Stay tuned for more updates. The link will be available on the Mashumi Art Projects facebook page in a few hours. https://www.facebook.com/MashumiArtProjects


Article written by Roli Mhlanga


  1. Hey man my name is Kwezi and Im from Cape Town, I think that its so cool that there is a super hero with my name. Looking forward in seeing the next issue

  2. Hi Loyiso,
    This is Lebo here, I have recently found your animation character, Kwezi. Super stuff! I wanted permission to use Kwezi on a ticket for an event to fundraise for ngo Im setting up here in Botswana. A womans empowerment initiative- let me know what you think?

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