The aim of Mashumi Art Project is to develop up and coming artists in Soweto, by exposing them to the broader field of art. We also aim to educate our artists and promote them to the world stage. We are based at the world famous Vilakazi Street in Orlando West Soweto, known for its daily influx of international tourists. The project is based on Nex Dor restaurant, a stone’s throw away from Mandela House. The artist’s work will be exhibited at the restaurant for the visiting tourists and locals alike to enjoy and if they like, purchase a piece or 2.


  • Art Rental
  • Commissioned Artwork
  • Project Management
  • Exhibitions
  • Art forums

Zanele Mashumi

For more information and detailed content click on the link below:

+27 (0)814843067


  1. Art is the voice of the voiceless, a phylosophy of the unspoken words and the inner voice of the Soul. Long live the Mashumi Art spirit.

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