Loyiso Mkize’s comic book makes it’s debut.

Ever wonder what a local comic book superhero would look like? What sort of mischief he’d get upto after discovering his new talents… The villains, sidekicks and not forgetting the damsels who’s acquaintance he makes along the way to becoming a well known hero. Oh, what awesome super powers he’ll have? …well don’t look any further!

Kwezi’s just landed and he means business.

Loyiso Mkize, a Cape Town based artist and co illustrator of the hip SUPA STRIKAS comic book and animation series on DSTV’S Disney Channel, launches his independent project under the ‘LOYISOMKIZEART’  flagship. At a previous design share party, Loyiso described KWEZI as the manifestation of a life long dream to create a simple enough character to identify with every African on the continent.



“Set on a contemporary South African backdrop, Kwezi a 19 year old boy that discovers he has superpowers, and so the journey towards his purpose begins…” An exciting intro into our own new local comic book superhero.

online launch

online launch

Loyiso Mkize was born in 1987 in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape but studied in Cape Town where he completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at CPUT. Loyiso exhibited his body of work from “REFLECTIONS ETERNAL” at the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Room in Rockville, Soweto last November, a show curated by Mashumi Art Projects and more recently at a New York showcase with several other talented South African artists.

Tonight his first independent comic book officially launches online. The first issue will be downloadable for free. Stay tuned for more updates. The link will be available on the Mashumi Art Projects facebook page in a few hours. https://www.facebook.com/MashumiArtProjects


Article written by Roli Mhlanga

wine women and art


By Phakamisa Mfana at Nex Dor Vilakazi Street, Soweto

Beautiful people, sundowners under the stars, thats how Mashumi Art Project’s second exhibition kicked off at Nex Door Resturant on Vilakazi Street on Thursday 25 April 2013. Kenny Nkosi is the artist, Marikana is his inspiration, he draws his inspiration for his latest body of work  from his surroundings and the most influential people in his life, being his family. Nkosi, now based in Soweto is originally from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga, he moved to the city of gold to pursue his art and education, his education didnt go so well but that didnt stop him as  his art flourished.
“I want to see you doing this for all artists, because we must empower our local artists.” Said Nkosi talking about how our artist must not wait to be employed, they must go out there and do their art. “You cant be an artist and not have a job” said Sandile Memela a Director at the Department of Arts and Culture, who was a guest speaker at the event.  According  to Memela this must not only happen to artists in Soweto, but artists all over the country. “ Art is an important part of our culture and overall development, we must nature it as much as we can.” The exhibition is organised by Zanele Mashumi of Mashumi Arts Projects, a 24 year old graduate from the University of Johannesburg. In only her second exhibition, this young curator has shown a lot of initiative in providing a platform for artist to showcase their work, with virtually no budget and a team of only 3 minds. “I’m exited about this venture and I would like to thank everyone who was invloved in making this exhibition happen, this is only the beginning of things to come.” Said Mashumi.
Thanks to Boschendal for keeping the wine flowing and the patrons smiling, i‘m sure everyone enjoyed the evening a little better with a glass or two of grapes to liven up the mood. The exhibition continues until the 25th of May 2013 at Nex Dor Resturant on Vilakazi Street, Orlando West Soweto.
article from Soweto Entertainment magazine written by Phakamisa Mfana

Article about the exhibition taken from the Sowetan Newspaper


Township art tribute to women

Published by Sowetan Newspaper on MAR 28, 2013 | by MAMODIMA MONNAKGOTLA |

TOWNSHIP art was formerly known as the art of defiance, with black artists creating powerful images and drawings as part of their struggle against apartheid.

Image Title
SOWETO ARTIST: Mfundo Mkhize and one of his works. PHOTOS: MOHAU MOFOKENG

 “These pieces are my attempt to illuminate untold struggles to raise generation after generation in our communities”

Soweto artist Mfundo Mkhize, 32, says today’s township art has become a representation of “ekasi” but has also become very monotonous.

His current collection is being exhibited at the Nex DorRestaurant on the historical Vilakazi Street in Orlando West.

He highlights the significance of women in society, focusing on female vendors who sell roasted mielies on street corners.

“In my experience, they make sure that there is a plate of food on the table. The strength and leadership they possess can be seen in the urban environment, the rural hinterlands and the neglected urban townships.

“The artwork focuses  on the lives of these women and is a tribute to the indispensable role they play in society.”

Born and raised in Soweto, Mkhize says he draws inspiration from his environment and experiences.

“These pieces are my attempt to illuminate untold struggles to raise generation after generation in our communities.”

In one piece, titled Jovendor, Mkhize portrays a woman carrying the Johannesburg skyline on her head like a mielie vendor would carry a brazier. This work is being sold for R5000 and is Mkhize’s most expensive yet.

Throughout his artistic career, he says, he has applied the skill of keeping it simple.

His black-and-white collection was created five years ago, using the print-making process. Mkhize is also a multimedia designer and graffiti artist.

Other projects he has been part of include graffiti branding at the Soweto Theatre and playing a role in developing artists in a non-governmental organisation based in Soweto called Kgantsa ho Kganye.

Major challenges confront black artists today, but Mkhize is hopeful.

“Getting into good art institutions is difficult and the financial struggles of artists are a problem. Nonetheless, we manage, at least there is a cycle of trade,” he says.

The group exhibition, which opened on the eve of Human Rights Day, also features three other artists – Andrew Ntshabele, Mpho Cele and Nhlonipho Mthembu.

Mthembu’s work is a storyline of black commuters on a train, while Cele expresses personal feelings about his biological grandfather who abandoned his family, leaving them with only his run-down old cars. This collection portrays these cars which, Cele says, his grandfather adored so much.

Ntshabele deals with urbanisation. His work, though not based on township life, simply shows people on the city outskirts going about their daily business.

The exhibition is a stepping stone for developing visual artists in Soweto by Mashumi Art Projects (MAP), a brainchild of artist Zanele Mashumi “to start a movement of bringing art to the township”.

“MAP was inspired by unknown developing artists who were looking for recognition but were not given the chance.

“We help them with exposure, sell their work and most importantly encourage the idea that art has possibilities,” said Mashumi.

The exhibition is open until April 20.

Introducing Mashumi Art Projects

by Phakamisa Mfana /@pakendof

Soweto has long been known as a cultural and artistic hub, producing world famous artists who now ply their trade in places they never dreamed they would be. That is the power of art, the ability to take a simple thought or idea and turn it into a living masterpiece, a message, a part of you that people you don’t know can relate with. Art is a form of escape, a means to delve into other creative realms of the brain. To see the world in a totally different way from anyone else, to have the courage to go beyond the mundane, to be able to paint the clouds, create a cartoon character or take that amazing photograph that you’ve always dreamed of.

The aim of Mashumi Art Project is to develop up and coming artists in Soweto, by exposing them to the broad field of art. We also aim to educate our artists and promote them to the world stage. That is why we are based at the world famous Vilakazi Street in Orlando West Soweto, known for its daily influx of international tourists. The project is based at Nex Dor resturant, a stone throw away from Mandela House. The artists work will be exhibited at the restaurant for the visiting tourists and locals alike to enjoy and if they like, purchase a piece or two. We are trying to introduce our artists to a whole new market, at the same time the artist will be an ambassador for the country in the way they depict  the events, artworks and photographs they produce because they will be a representation of South Africa.


Zanele Mashumi


We want to start a movement of bringing art to the township, which will help educate the locals about the importance of introducing art to kids from an early age, naturing and taking care of their creative minds. With the potential and talent that exists in Soweto and Johannesburg, we want to make sure that artists are given the right platforms to expose their work. We will provide exhibiting space for developing artists who want to showcase their work to local and international audiences. We will be marketing all the artists work to the relevant target market, giving technical support and advice. We will be bringing in experienced, working art practioners to be mentors to our developing talent.

With art being such a small community and not enough resources reaching artists at ground level, it is up to the artists to empower themselves. They cannot wait and hope, they have to get out there to make things happen even if it’s at their own cost. By being out there  they present themselves with an opportunity of being seen, an opportunity to be commissioned for future projects and just meeting the right people by being at the right place at the right time. Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery, unearthing some of the gems of our community. Let us work together and support our own, which is the best way for them to grow.

Zanele Mashumi

Email: mashumiartprojects@gmail.com

Tel: 0780105406

Facebook: Mashumi Art Projects

Twitter: @mashumiartproj