Artist Feature: Lerato Motau

We are pleased to bring you more of Lerato’s work as this is her second consecutive feature in a MAP Exhibition this year.

Here’s what she has to say about her which will featured in the upcoming exhibition The Heritage Exhibition,

While some of the works are monotone, using different shades of one colour, others are quite florescent. I love the brightness of these luminous tones, where I refer to them as “mashangane colours”. Associations of bright colours as well as embroidery are related to Shangaan people, which is inherent in my own ancestory.


Because the universe is not flat, my approach is to first paint onto the canvas. I prefer working from dark to light. After painting, then I begin embroidering and stitching shapes onto the canvas. This layering creates the desired aesthetic finish for me. I enjoy the relief and almost three dimensional effect of layering the canvas with fabric and stitching, which I would like to physically push even further to more protruding three dimensional forms.

Artist Feature: Kgalalelo Gaitate

Kgali is a selftaught fine artist of 22, who has an incredible eye for detail. She specializes in portraiture though a lot of her subject matter is African traditional dress.”My art is decorative and easy on the eye”, she says.

“From the very tender age of three, my parents and creche teachers noticed my God given gift and encouraged me to nurture it. I would learn from observing tv cartoons, colouring books, illustrated story books, magazines and actual people. As early as grade 5, I started drawing in pen, and found it to be more striking than pencil. Till this day it is my prefered medium, though I also really enjoy working with oil pastels.


For three years I honed my gift at the National School of the arts, where I was exposed to various media, ie: watercolor, gouache, oil paint, etching and marbling.

I used to market my work on saturdays at Melrose Arch and look forward to working with this team!”

We are happy to have you showing with us again Kgali!

Artist Feature: Roli Mhlanga


An artist at heart and a painter a by profession. Painting is the labor of love I would like to believe. Texture, color, light and composition are my tools that are allow me to share my inner most feelings and understanding of the subject matter. A brush and the palette are merely instruments that move according to my will.
The tools I’m referring to, come to play when I observe, in detail the subject before me. Light, sets the tone, Texture sets the mood, Composition sets the atmosphere and the use of Color sets the aesthetic.
My work will then take a discourse determined by the theme or subjected to editions depending on a medium of my choice i.e. printmaking. I believe in versatility and being dynamic. My motto is “one never stops learning, and once you stop learning you stop growing.

2013-10-11 11.04.19


Serving on the board of directors at Funda Community College since 2008 to date.
Took part in a group exhibition at the annual Joburg Art Fair, in 2008, in a developmental space sponsored by Siemens.
2nd Runner-up in the Siemens television competition of 2008, the art piece is currently on permanent display at Siemens’ Stadium House offices, London UK.
A participant in the Siemens SA calendar project of 2009.
Participant in a collaborative project ‘Cardboard Monument’, a public art initiative with artist, Lauren Alexander and Funda Community College. See  , for more details
Celebrating African Art – Expression without Borders at the Soweto hotel, which was my 2nd showcase in a group project as a professional.
“Black Like Us” competition participant was my third consecutive group exhibition.
Artist in Residence with Room13 international (locally based in Soweto) since 2009-till present.
“Expression Without Borders” participant in my fourth collaborative exhibition in Zutphen, The Netherlands, in April 2012. See , for more details
Residency with Izarte Gallery in the Netherlands, in October 2012.
Co-Director of Mashumi Art Projects (Pty) Ltd based at Nex Dor restaurant , in Orlando West, Soweto.
Shows curated:

Mashumi Art Projects group exhibition at Nex Dor restaurant, from the 25 March until 20 April 2013.

‘Kenny Nkosi’s Solo Exhibition’ 25 April- 31 May 2013.

‘Photography meets Fine Art Exhibition’ 20 June-20 July 2013.

‘Pink Art exhibition’ 15August-28 September
Mashumi Art Projects solo exhibition by Kenny Nkosi at Nex Dor restaurant, from the 25 April until 31 May 2013.
See for more details.
Collaborated with Artist Proof Studio artists and guest Artist/Poet Frieda Groffy ‘UBUNTU EXHIBITION’ opened 13 April until 27 April 2013.

Artist Feature: Sinalithemba Thembinkosi Ntuli

Sinali Ntuli was born and raised in Stanger which located in Groutville. My interest in art began when I was in Estcourt High School. Later I studied Fine Art at Durban Central College. In 1999 I then moved to Johannesburg to further my studies at Dobsonville College in Soweto. That same year I was introduced to Artist Proof Studio by some of my classmates and began to study printmaking part-time. In 2002, I completed three years of Visual Arts study at Funda College.

I started out as a painter, depicting women dressed in beads, in 2009 a client then suggested that I should try creating artworks using only beads sewn onto canvas. Since then this has been my primary medium.
I am generally concerned with our seemingly “dying” African customs. I express this concern through visuals of the beauty we posses, in-terms of our humanity as a nation. I use subject matter that is inspired by African oral traditional and cultural practices that we partake in.
This is what, i believe, resonates in my artwork.

Artist Feature: Nkosinathi Quwe

“My work is concerned with South African politics, social upheavals and the assumed role of a black male in South Africa. It is concerned with the race, class and social conundrum of this country. My work borrows a lot from resistance art- which was an outcry of injustices, police brutality, inequality and inferiority imposed on Africans by the white supremacy regime. The irony now is that, in times of our so called democracy- we still have to deal with police brutality, black against black violence, political bullying and the un-addressed issues concerning the one sidedness of our economy. As a visual artist and a citizen, I am more concerned about the issues affecting the black communities of this country who are mostly disadvantaged in large numbers. Since I am from these black communities, I feel it is my duty to address the ills, injustices and grotesque conditions that the regime prior to 1994 left us in.”

Born: 43 Hintsa Street, Colored Township, Butterworth, Eastern Cape


Background and Training

2001- 2005       B-Tech in Fine Art (Visual Art)

                        Extracurricular Certificate in Arts and Culture Training Course

                        (Duration: One Year)

                        University of Johannesburg

                        Major: Painting


Exhibitions and Festivals

The Bus Factory, Group Exhibition, New Town, Johannesburg, 2004

UJ Gallery, Group Exhibition, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2005

Wits Gallery, Group Exhibition- Isilwane: curated by David Bunn, 2007

Gordart Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Melville, Johannesburg, 2007

Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK), Oudtshoorn, 2007



Awarded the Ekurhuleni Art Award in Print Making, 2006.



Archive: Issue No. 96, August 2005- ARTTHROB

The Heritage Exhibition

As a country, we South Africans have come a long way from the oppression and injustice that was Apartheid. We have lived through decades of crisis and devaluation and gotten to the point where our diverse cultures and heritage are recognized and venerated.


Heritage Exhibition Invitation2
This embrace of our ethos has given a voice to the previously silenced voices of the marginalised ‘other’, allowing all to share in this triumph of the human spirit. Our expressiveness through the arts affirms our African culture, therefore reshaping and defining our identity and aspirations as a diverse land.
On that note we would like to welcome you to our first annual Heritage exhibition which boasts a wide array of local talent. From the outskirts of Soweto known as Kliptown to the popularly known Orlando West, not only for it’s historical positioning during the apartheid regime but recognized as location in the world to two have Nobel peace prize winners sharing the same street address.
Date : 24 October 2013 -28 November 2013, Opening of the Heritage Art exhibition

Venue : 6979 Nex Dor food emporium, Vilakazi Street, Orlando West, Soweto.
Time : 18:30 for 19:00PM

Join us for a glass of wine and a chance to meet the artists.