Artist feature-MOSA MOTAUNG


Artist feature-MOSA MOTAUNG

When viewing my works, a certain visual
language is activated. I communicate
through my works by using my own
techniques which I have gathered throughout
my 3rd year, experimenting and trying
new things. There is a large mixture
of dynamics and shifts when viewing my
work. My works are all influenced by my
own personal experiences, drives, likes and
dislikes. The viewer is given the platform to
create in their own mind an image of their
own when viewing my work. I do not force
the viewer to see what I want them to see,
rather allowing the viewers imagination to
interact with my works allows for my art to
transform and evolve into many things.
My artworks are a series of drawings and
paintings which I have approached in a
very unique way, where painting deals with
the detailed smaller images and drawing
deals with the enlarged images which overwhelm
the viewer. My entire collection is
black and white in colour. I have chosen to
concentrate on the sheep and its different
body parts. I have zoomed in extensively
concentrating on a particular section and
in some areas going as far as zooming into
an already zoomed in image.
Artist statement
I have become intrigued by the sheep
for about a year now. I have been having
strange dreams about sheep. Some dreams
were worrying and quite scary, yet some
were neutral. However what intrigued me
the most was that no matter how gruesome,
scary or sweet the dream had been I would
almost always wake up at peace.
I have done some thorough research on the
sheep and have discovered that this animal
appears in my dreams in a context which
mirrors my personal life. Thus I have chosen
to explore the sheep and hoped to find
some answers as to why I dream of sheep
while painting and drawing through the
My aim is to evoke a feeling of strangeness,
I want the viewer to wonder, to get
consumed by these black and white dreams
that I have created. My artworks both in
drawing and painting are worked in reverse,
I have opted to use a number of
different mediums such as; acrylic for
painting and conte’.

Artist feature- GONTSE MORE


Artist feature- GONTSE MORE


Living VS Being Alive

So many people go on with their daily lives, moving along in the same routine, living in a constant circular motion, waking up in the morning, going to school, going to work, then waiting for the bell to ring or the clock to strike five at the end of the day. This is all so that they can go home, sleep and do exactly the same thing the next morning.
I want to be able to capture moments when people get to see the art in their lives, in their interactions and how the light falls on them and their surroundings. I wish to show that if people could just stop and notice the world around them, they could see the art in their daily lives and appreciate it.

My angle is to show the everyday life in an artistic conceptual light looking at regular or common knowledge with a different visual aspect discovered in each image. I want to explore people and what they contribute to the world of art without their knowing it. So I will follow or shadow three people for a period of time. I plan not to know who they are and hope to meet them in very normal spaces, possibly in a taxi or bus on their way to or from their workplace or home. I would especially focus on mothers with their children who endure the everyday hardships and challenges of modern urban life.

This is a social documentary project shot in colour. I plan on making the images visually appealing with the use of highly saturated colour.
I want the project to be as authentic as possible. I believe that living like this keeps a person trapped and rather distant from the beauty of the world.

Artist feature-LUNGILE ZAPHI


Artist feature-LUNGILE ZAPHI

Kwa B.A.’s Tavern

I have always wanted to photograph around my neibourhood as to document daily realities of my surroundings. One Saturday evening I decided to take a walk and photograph, perhaps environmental portraits around local Spaza shops. On my way to one of the shops I met an old friend Thami who then introduced me to the Tavern known as Kwa B.A. just to view the spot. Then that’s how I developed my project known as Kwa B.A

On the developmental process of my career as a photographer I realized that I’m not just a photographer who photographs to pay the bills but I’m a photographer who listens to photography when it’s a calling. The tavern’s atmosphere made me to discover so much about my environment, the structuralism, functionalism and behaviorism of my people and the causes and effects of our social life in the townships. While on that point of view I realized how politics, post apartheid has influenced us in so many ways that we keep on building and stretching the same chain to the next generations to come. We are the products of the system and its our responsibility to break this chain.

However, I had a wholesome experience photographing the space and developed a strong bond to the space as I discover more about myself, my environment and my people.




After collecting our new lens, we were so excited we couldn’t wait to test it. This is the very 1st photo shot using using the 50mm.
Taken by: MrsVice Nene

I am Simphiwe Madlokovu Nene, an activist and multi engaging artist from composing music, photography, street artist, DJ and designer. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember; started off sketching and messing around with paint. My work is more or less based on a metaphorical views.

As an artist I keep growing each day so I keep looking forward to a new day and it’s challenges.

In this modern day of gadgets I’m more likely to take advantage of a camera phone as it is easy to reach in instant moments. It doesn’t matter what tool you’re using, just get the work done. Then in more planned shots I use my Nikon D3100, but what’s more important is getting the message out there.

I believe as an artist you owe it to the universe to keep passing knowledge.