Honoring our Masters: Patrick Kagiso Mautloa


Opening : 19 August 2014 – Venue: Eyethu Lifestyle centre :  Cnr . Machaba dr & Kinini Street Mofolo Central Soweto. – Time: 7pm to 10pm

Untitled,arcylic on paper,2009.135x145cm

Untitled,Arcylic on paper,2009. 135x145cm

Honoring our Masters 

‘Honoring our Masters’ is an idea initiated by the visionary arts group Mashumi Art Projects and Eyethu Lifestyle Centre.

The idea is centered around the recognition of artists, born and bred, in South Africa’s foremost township known as Soweto. The honor’s exhibition is driven by the aspect that such artists should be recognized for their notable contribution in the field of Fine Arts by locale. By so doing raise awareness as well as to establish an audience for visual arts in the townships.

Mashumi Art Projects in association with Eyethu Lifestyle Centre is tasked with the mounting of an exhibition in honor of the artist’s prosperous career.

Pat Mautloa born 1952. Obtained his Diploma in Fine Art at the prestigious ELC in Rorke’s drift in KZN. He then went on to teach at FUBA (Federated Union For Black Artists) from the early 1980’s and was instrumental in the establishment known as the Thupelo Gallery during his time there. He has since participated in several local and international exhibitions alongside his contemporaries. He is now based at the Fordsburg Artists Studio popularly known as the Bag Factory.

It is interesting for me to be part of ART WEEK JOBURG 2014. This helps to re-foster art in our communities and helps communities to know about local artists. For me it would be a mini retrospective having work dating from more or less the time I started doing art. Quite exciting that I would be showcasing in the place I lived around since I came to Mofolo in 1954.” Pat Mautloa

Master’s Exhibition vol. 1: Pat Mautloa Retrospective

The first of yet many to come. The exhibition looks at acknowledging artists from Soweto who contributed significantly to the visual arts of South Africa.

Soweto has seen many a artist reaching international acclaim and recognition in this field. However, the township’s general populace remains unaware of such feats by artists such as Bra Pat, his contemporaries and predecessors, in South African visual arts. In this light the exhibition is an open invitation to the masses to come and indulge during this display of artistic splendor that has seen Pat Mautloa becoming a widely renowned artist.

The focus of the exhibition takes a look at Pat’s collection of work’s, his most recent and dating back to his earliest work’s as a painter. The exhibition will run concurrently with the Joburg Art week commencing on Tuesday, the 19th August 2014 until 12 September 2014.


Located in the heart of Soweto, Eyethu Lifestyle Centre boasts great facilities for different types of events. The venue is located near an entertainment icon, the old Eyethu cinema.


Museum Art Projects (Pty) Ltd established in 2013. The company is committed to creating a formidable base that enshrines cross-cultural values for practitioners and awareness locally and internationally. It is tasked with carving a tangible niche through vertical and horizontal communications to firmly position Soweto, Gauteng Arts & Culture events, workshops, local/and international exhibitions, panel discussions and art residencies. Soweto, given its strategic role before/within the past apartheid political scenario needs to be interwoven with the arts and culture landscape. This is a much needed vehicle that is aimed at a succinct value addition to the proudly South African adage.

Kinini Street, Soweto 1801, South Africa

Artist feature-MOSA MOTAUNG


Artist feature-MOSA MOTAUNG

When viewing my works, a certain visual
language is activated. I communicate
through my works by using my own
techniques which I have gathered throughout
my 3rd year, experimenting and trying
new things. There is a large mixture
of dynamics and shifts when viewing my
work. My works are all influenced by my
own personal experiences, drives, likes and
dislikes. The viewer is given the platform to
create in their own mind an image of their
own when viewing my work. I do not force
the viewer to see what I want them to see,
rather allowing the viewers imagination to
interact with my works allows for my art to
transform and evolve into many things.
My artworks are a series of drawings and
paintings which I have approached in a
very unique way, where painting deals with
the detailed smaller images and drawing
deals with the enlarged images which overwhelm
the viewer. My entire collection is
black and white in colour. I have chosen to
concentrate on the sheep and its different
body parts. I have zoomed in extensively
concentrating on a particular section and
in some areas going as far as zooming into
an already zoomed in image.
Artist statement
I have become intrigued by the sheep
for about a year now. I have been having
strange dreams about sheep. Some dreams
were worrying and quite scary, yet some
were neutral. However what intrigued me
the most was that no matter how gruesome,
scary or sweet the dream had been I would
almost always wake up at peace.
I have done some thorough research on the
sheep and have discovered that this animal
appears in my dreams in a context which
mirrors my personal life. Thus I have chosen
to explore the sheep and hoped to find
some answers as to why I dream of sheep
while painting and drawing through the
My aim is to evoke a feeling of strangeness,
I want the viewer to wonder, to get
consumed by these black and white dreams
that I have created. My artworks both in
drawing and painting are worked in reverse,
I have opted to use a number of
different mediums such as; acrylic for
painting and conte’.